News about Hayes#2 - Last updated November 14, 2017



The production for June to date is attached. We are averaging 5-7 bod
(with a max on June 12 of 9 bo). So far our attempts to get oil production
up have been unsuccessful. By moving more fluid we have actually decreased
in oil production.

All indicators before changing out the pump and
installing chrome tubing were that the oil cut would stay the same and an
increase in total fluid would give us an increase in oil production. Again,
this has not happened.

We will shut the well in for two days and resume producing the well. Once
we get the results of this we will report back on findings and make



Monitoring well.  Well fluctuating 7-10 bod.  Will attempt to move more fluid next week.


We made 8 bo yesterday and 1050 bw.  We are moving more fluid with less effort with the larger downhole pump and chrome tubing.  Will send update tomorrow.  Expectations are for oil to rise as we continue to pump the well.


I just talked with the field and the well work and repairs are complete. The entire well work should come in under $60,000.

The well is pumping and we are monitoring.  The larger pump is moving more fluid with less strokes per minute on the pumping unit.

Here We Go!


Operatøren forventer at udskifte det defekte produktionsrør i løbet af 1.kvartal 2017. Kilden vil herefter blive bragt tilbage i produktion.



Hayes #2 – The Hayes #2 had the SWD pump installed on August 2 (Charges +/- $3500), as the well was not taking the produced salt water through gravity feed. The well has been pumping a low of 10 bo to a high of 15 bo. There has been a change in the water form 760 bwd to 640 bwd. We are looking into this and will report back next week on this issue.


The Hayes #2 (Powell) has been experiencing High Water level shut downs. What this means is that the salt water in the tank is not going down fast enough into our salt water well. We have a pump and will be remediating that issue.

Today’s rate was back up to 14 bo.


Hayes #2 – The Hayes well pump was recently pulled for the second time. The first issue was an on-off tool that has a small neck and with the 8-10 strokes per minute caused a failure. A few weeks later the same on-off tool failed again. A larger joint of tubing was run enabling us to run a larger on-of tool. Hopefully this will solve our problem.

We started the well back at 8 strokes per minute to make sure all was working properly. The well was increased to 10 strokes per minute and the production is moving back up to the 14-15 bod we were at.


Den daglige produktion ligger på +/- 15 tønder råolie, vi skal huske på at vi producerer fra den joker zone vi fandt fra start af, der er endnu 4-5 produktive zoner at åbne når priserne bliver bedre.


A rig was mobilized on the Hayes #2 on 3/21/16 and completed on 3/22/16. The well had developed pump problems and they were repaired and the well put on production on 3/23/16. During this period we were down from 3/18-3/22 (5 days).

Estimated Cumulative Cost for the work was $14,672. The well has been pumping at 15-16 bod per the attached March well tests.

Powell well test +production report March 2016


The work on the Hayes #2 was completed yesterday and the well put back on line by 3:00 pm. As soon as I receive the production I will send it out.

Total estimated costs $14,672.

Discussion: The well had stopped pumping and the rig was required to determine the cause. The rods were pulled and the top half of the on-off tool came out. It was necessary to pull the tubing to get the remainder of the on-off tool. The pump was redressed, the tubing was rerun in the hole, then the rods and pump and the well turned back to production in 2 days. Cumulative shown below.

Cumulative Costs:

Rig – 2 days - $ 7,050

Trucking - $ 1,000

Vacuum Truck - $ 546

Pump Parts - $ 4,140

Supv. w/mileage - $ 1,936

Est. total - $ 14,672


The Hayes well has been steady at +/- 15 bod. However, we have experience a downhole problem and will have to mobilize a workover rig to pull the rods and inspect the pump. The job is expected to last about 1-2 days with an estimated costs of $11-12K.

The rig should be on the well first thing Monday morning, March 21, 2016.

The work will be billed through your Joint Interest Billing in April.


kilden er igen i produktion med 14 - 16 tønder råolie om dagen p.t. se seneste produktionsrapport nedenunder.

11-1-2016 - Production report

22-12-15 - Produktionsrapporter for Okt, Nov, og december 2015.

Oct-Nov-Dec-2015-production reports


The rig has been released and the Hayes is back to pumping. Should have a good test by Friday morning. Cost to date. +/- $17,784. Daily Report attached.

Shelf Energy, LLC _ Hayes #2 Update-Report 7-1-2016 - workover


The Hayes #2 has been declining in production and was shut-in December 25, 2015 after declining to 1 bo. A rig has been mobilized and the tubing pulled and pump inspected. There was a leak in the drain sub and a hole in the tubing preventing the pump from doing its intended job of bringing fluid to the surface. Repairs have been made and the rods and tubing should be back in the hole and the well pumping by the end of work today.

The total well costs should be +/- $13-15k. This is well below the $25k for expense work so no AFE and consent was needed.

Workover report january 7th 2016



The Hayes #2 is averaging 20-22 bod at a reduced stroke per minute of the rod pump unit. Now that it is stabilized we will look into increasing the pump rate in an effort to get more oil production.


Attached are the Daily Reports for the Heater Treater, Down Hole Pump, & Piping Modifications – $ 48,297

Also attached are the Daily Reports for the Rig Work, Heater Treater and Pumping Unit – $ 77,038

Total To Date – $ 125,335

Estimated remaining is $24,665.

The well was put on production on 10/9. It takes 40 bo to fill the Heater Treater before it dumps to the oil tank. We dumped 18 bo on 10/10 with 16 hrs. on, 5 bo on 10/11 with 5 hrs. on. Total production to date would be about 63 bo for the three days of which we were on 45 out of the 72 hrs. for a 24 hour estimate of 34 bod.

On Saturday 10/10 the water pump malfunctioned on the natural gas driver for the Rod Pump. The natural gas driver is rented with full service. Parts were ordered and the pump will be repaired and back in service by Tuesday PM.

The remaining work is to purchase the salt water pump from the Gross Isles Field for $5,000, rework it and install it on the Powell #1 Salt Water Disposal well.


Daily Report Heater Treater Piping Hayes 2

SE AFE Hayes No 2 Rod Pump Hayes (2)

Daily Report Rod Pump Hayes 2




The tubing and rods have been run in the well and we are awaiting delivery of the Rod Pump Unit on Tuesday, October 6. Estimated cost to date, including rod pump purchase, are below. We should fall below our estimated AFE costs. The only remaining work is the installation of the Rod Pump Unit.

Cost to Date Remaining

$ 112,353 $ (37,647)






Just talked with Rodney and the pump and rods have been run in the hole. The rig will be released this afternoon. The Pump Jack Unit will be delivered on Tuesday. Plans are to be moving oil by Thursday, October 8.


Attached is the daily rig report ; Cumulative - $42,707.

Pipping & Heater Treater; Cumulative - $31,156

Total Cost to Date; $73,863


Pump Cost not included yet; $32,900

Total to Date - $106,763


Not on Report yet- Today’s rig costs & Supervision, plus rod pump hook up. Running under AFE due to cost savings on Rod Pump Jack ($10-15k) and Heater Treater($7-8K.)

28-8-15 - kopi af mail fra Tom hos Shelf Energy LLC.

The Hayes #2 has been tested with positive results. The attached AFE includes two parts. Part I is the purchase and installation of the rod pump and rods. A purchase rather than a rental($2500/mon) is preferred as the pump will be needed in the 5400 ft recomplete. Part II is the purchase and installation of a new vessel, a 6’ X 20’ Heater Treater to handle high volumes of fluid and separate the oil from the water.

The total cost is $160,000 and our estimated rate is 40 bod. It will take about 5,000 bo to pay the installation out at $40/bo.

An individual AFE will go out next week. This is a lease saving operation. Your approval on this matter is needed to go forward.




Well History:

July 10 – Hayes well goes off production after making 164 bo for that month. Compressor taken off of contract ($4,099/mon). Contract had 30 day clause for payment until August 10. Took salt water disposal well off of contract 8/1/2015 ($2,500/mon).

July 20 – Attempt to flow into system would not stay on line.

August 20- Attempt to flow well to system. Trace of oil and gas.

August 21- Swabbed well in per attachment. Average day rate 44 bo/d. Made 6 ft of oil. After breakout of water about 50-60 bo was produced. The well is presently shut-in.

Future Plans: Shelf will meet with the Field foreman to finalize AFE on Wednesday, August 26/2015. The AFE will include costs to install a rod pump and make some piping modifications to accommodate the high volume of liquids.




Powell Update Letter - from Tom.03082015

22-7-15 - Mail modtaget vedr. work-over på Powell kilden.

The Hayes #2 was shut-in July 10 (see attached) due to insufficient gas to run the compressor. The well was allowed to build up for a few days but there was insufficient gas to run the compressor. Based on this the following action has been taken.

Action Items:

1. The gas compressor has been taken off of payroll as of July 10. Cost Savings +/- $4100/mon.

2. The Salt water pump is no longer needed. The salt water

disposal well is taking water on a vacuum. Meaning we do

not need the pump. Cost Savings +/- $2,700/mon.

3. This month we had our yearly insurance charge of +/- $3,834.

4. If we do not sell any gas there is no fees to Pipe Line Cost Savings +/- $200/mon

Corrected Future Plans:

1. Rig up swabbing unit and test the well. Once a stable tests confirms that we can maintain a desirable economic rate then Go to 2 Prepare AFE.

2. An AFE will be prepared based on findings of test. One option is to install a rod pump. Other options may be used depending on the outcome of testing.




Operatøren har her til aften meddelt at kilden igen er i produktion p.t. bliver der produceret 300 tusind kubikfod gas og 240 tønder råolie. Kilden skal lige i gang igen efter at have været lukket ned i næsten 2 måneder, men det ser meget positivt ud.


Operatøren har meddelt os, at man er i gang med at installerer det sidste udstyr ude på området, og går alt efter planen så regner man med at kilden bliver sat i produktion igen på enten torsdag el. fredag.


Installationen af kompressoren i gang i dag. Så snart vi flytter kranen, så vil vi flytte riggen ind på området. Højst sandsynligt på mandag i næste uge, handlingsplanen er at installere kompressoren og vores større separator og rørsystemer. Riggen vil blive anvendt til gruspakning af brønden, og færdiggøre denne til produktion.

Alt taget i betragtning forventer vi at være i produktion ved udgangen af næste uge.


Powell kilden satte ny produktionsrekord d. 29-1-15 med en samlet dagsproduktion på 344 tønder råolie.


Powell projektets daglige produktion er igen oppe på 200 + tønder råolie og 300 + Mcf. der er solgt 4760 tønder råolie indtil nu i januar måned.



Ny produktions rekord på Powell projektet 216 tønder råolie 465 Mcf.

Den 8. december opnåede vi ny rekord på Powell kilden, nemlig en produktion på hele 216 tønder råolie og 465 tusind kubikfod naturgas (465 Mcf).


Den 1. december opnåede vi ny rekord på Powell kilden, nemlig en produktion på hele 182 tønder råolie og 495 tusind kubikfod naturgas (495 Mcf).


Billeder fra studieturen i november, klik på linket nedenunder


24-10-14: Powell projektet: SUCCES vi er i produktion... 1000+ mcf. om dagen + 50 + tønder råolie om dagen.

Operatøren har meddelt os at man i går fik sat kilden i produktion, dette blev gjort i forbindelsen med at vi skulle have testet vores nye gas pipeline som er blevet installeret, dette skete med succes og kilden producerer nu 1000 Mcf (1 million kubikfod gas) om dagen. Dette tal kan godt blive højre da man af sikkerhedsmæssige grunde har valgt at holde mængden på 1000 Mcf. om dagen indtil videre, for ikke at overbelaste systemet før det er blevet testet igennem.


Video og billeder fra kildens område. klik her


Operatøren har meddelt os at alle aftaler nu er på plads, med de forskellige jordejer hvor vores gas pipeline skal lægges. Området ude ved kilden er blevet belagt med grus og man afventer p.t. at vores olie og vandtanke bliver leveret, dette forventes at ske indenfor ca. 2 uger. Som tingene ser ud lige nu så forventer man at sætte kilden i produktion medio oktober måned 2014.


Seneste rapport vedr. Powell projektet.


Seneste status rapport fra operatøren vedr. Powell kilden, klik på linket nedenunder.

Update - Shelf energy, LLC; Hayes Minerals, LLC. et al. Well No. 2 - Powell Kilden

12-6-14: Powell kilden - Opsætning af gas pipeline!

Sidste nyt over fra operatøren Shelf Energy LLC.

Der er møde med en jordejer d. 20 juni, for at få tilladelse til at koble os på en eksisterende pipeline. Ud over dette skal der lægges 2795 fod (931 meter) ny pipeline, som skal kobles til et gasopsamlings anlæg.

Ansøgning til pipeline er i gang, forventet behandlingstid er 45/60 dage hos myndighederne.

Vi har 55 tønder kondensat, som bliver solgt i denne måned, så gerne skulle blive udbetalt i august måned.

Se kort nedenunder, den BLÅ linie er vores nye pipeline, som skal installeres.

Hayes Minerals et al No 2 Prospective Tie-In Pts-Pipeline map

31-5-14: Powell kilden - Flaring gas out on location

23-5-14: Så er det BBQ tid ude på feltet, der skal vel være plads til afslapning, nu hvor vi har lavet en succesfuld kilde...: ) Se billeder nedenunder.

[oqeygallery id=14]


8-5-14: Powell kilden - Succes vi har ramt olie

Powell Projektet er blevet boret, som tingene står, er vi stødt på ikke mindre end 5 olie / gas zoner, vi kan producerer fra. De estimerede reserver er 550.000 til 1.100.000 MCF / gas og 42.500 to 80.000 BBL olie.

Vi er glade for at meddele alle vores investorer i dette projekt, at vi endnu en gang har boret en vellykket kilde i Louisiana.

3-5-14: Vi er nået til 5752 fod (1917 meter) Loggin af kilden forventes udført på søndag.

1-5-14: Powell kilden, boringen er nået til en dybde af 4370 fod (1456 meter) + billede af boreriggen.

Drilling rig out on location by the Powell well


Vi er nået til en dybde på 3107 fod (1035 meter), se rapporten nedenunder.

Hayes Minerals, LLC etal #2_29-4-2014

27-4-14: Seneste rapport

Hayes Minerals, LLC etal _2_27-4-2014

26-4-14: Vi er nået til en dybde af 1265 fod (421 meter), se rapport via linket nedenunder.

Hayes Minerals, LLC etal _2-26-4-14


Hayes Minerals, LLC etal #2


Forventet borestart på Powell projektet er sat til den. 22 april.


Vi har modtaget billeder fra operatøren over fra Powell projektet.

006 005 004 003 002 001


Vi har netop modtaget nyt omkring Powell projektet, forventet opsætning af bore riggen er sat til 14 april 2014.

15-3-14: Sidste nyt omkring Powell projektet.

Vi har netop modtaget besked fra operatøren, om at man har (Staked kilden) dvs. at man via GPS koordinater har fastsat, den nøjagtige position hvor Powell kilden skal bores.

Man har underskrevet Turn Key kontrakten, med Guichard Drilling som skal bore kilden for os. De er nu ved at finde en dato for hvornår, de kan være ude på området med deres borerig og mandskab. Hvis vi er heldige, så har de tid i kalenderen i april måned 2014.

Mere nyt følger, så snart vi modtager dette fra operatøren (Shelf Energy LLC).

Shelf Energy LLC

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Lat: 92.95917369


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