Hayes#2 & Bergeron

Hayes#2 & Bergeron

News about Hayes#2 & Bergeron - Last updated August 17, 2017


The production for June to date is attached. We are averaging 5-7 bod
(with a max on June 12 of 9 bo). So far our attempts to get oil production
up have been unsuccessful. By moving more fluid we have actually decreased
in oil production.

All indicators before changing out the pump and
installing chrome tubing were that the oil cut would stay the same and an
increase in total fluid would give us an increase in oil production. Again,
this has not happened.

We will shut the well in for two days and resume producing the well. Once
we get the results of this we will report back on findings and make



We are still not getting our 12-15 bod goal.  On the 21st we made 15 bo but

on the other days it was averaging 7-8 bod.  Rodney, our pumper is out there

today trying to get production up.

We sold a load on May 17th (185 bo).

I will send out another report in a few days.



Monitoring well.  Well fluctuating 7-10 bod.  Will attempt to move more fluid next week.


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