News about BP#1 - Last updated November 14, 2017



Getting the well lined out, 27 bo yesterday with 11 hours on. We have the well on an intermittent timer, meaning we are pumping 3 hours on and 3 hours off. We are bringing the well on slowly and expect production to increase.


Wednesday’s report of 72 bod was a spot 3 hr test equated to a 24 hour period. The 5 hr test indicated 52 bod for a 24 hour period. However that rate has not been maintained. The fluid level and IP (inflow performance of the well) is not keeping up with the pumping. Meaning we are pumping faster than the well will give up total fluid. So we have put it on intermittent pumping on 9/21/2017.

We will continue to work with the well to get oil production back up.


I just talked with Rodney and the well is on a 72 bod rate. He will work with the well a few more hours than leave it on and get us a good well test by Wednesday morning. I will be out of town on Wednesday but will try to get a report out before I leave. If not it will be late Wednesday evening before I can send one out.

The Moresi #3 SWD is taking injection water almost on a vacuum. So injection is going well.


The RJC#1 (BP#1) stopped bringing up fluid on Sunday after staring off slowly. The rig was still on location so we pulled the rods and are coming out the hole with the pump to inspect it. As soon as a report comes in we will send it out.


Attached is the estimated cost to date of +/- $61,367 for the current well work on the Moresi #3 SWD. The well will be injection tested and verified by a state representative on Thursday. Once that is successfully done the well will be turned back to injection.

Further Discussion: With the state approving the increase in injection zone interval from 3000’-3900’ to 1560’-3900’ helped us in a number of ways. (1) It enables us to actually use the hole at 2990’ as if it was a perforated interval, instead of having to isolate it with another cement squeeze and spend another +/- $40,000 to re-squeeze the hole in the casing. (2) We increased our approved injection interval opening up more sands to plug back to in the future with a quick recomplete permit and no lengthy approval process. (3) We will reduce monthly chemical fees for money spent on an acid treatment to keep injection pressures down. Prior to the workover we were injecting +/- 1000 bwd at +/- 650 psig injection pressure. The maximum pressure we could reach was 825 psig. So it was only a matter of time before we would have had to move up the hole. Our injection test at 1800 bwd was at 10 psig injection pressure. Barely any pressure at all and lots of room for increase in water injection volumes. Our well should be set to continue to take as much water as we can produce with no problem.

As soon as we get final approval to inject you will be notified.




The prior unsuccessful recomplete in the RJC #1 had remaining funds of about $20,000 (we did not gravel pack this zone, hence money left over). However, these remaining funds were used to complete the current zone in the RJC #1 and test it (+/- $20,000) without an additional cash call.

Further, the current $50,000 needed to gravel pack can be mostly paid for by the revenue from the + 1000 bo produced in 18 days. Plans all along were to make sure we had a good oil zone prior to spending additional monies to gravel pack. So again, no cash call at this time.


The production update for the RJC #1. The well was recompleted to the Patin Stray sand on August 10, 2017. The well came on at + 50 bod and has maintained more or less that rate making over 1000 bo in about 18 days. As of Wednesday, August 29 the well was shut in as it was not bringing any fluids to surface.

More than likely it is sand. The cost for the gravel packing including miscellaneous funds to clean out the well, re-perforate and gravel pack is estimated to be $50,000. Remaining reserves are estimated to be 5-10 mbo with another recomplete up the hole with 3-6 mbo.

The cost to perform the work will mostly be covered by the + 1000 bo of production. So no cash call for the $50,000 will be necessary. The cost will be taken out of production. If you prefer to pay up front and receive the revenue, contact me and I will have a cash call prepared for you. If not there is no work on your part.

A vendor review is in process but the work will be performed in the next 1-2 weeks pending rig availability.




The RJC #1 made 65 bo and +/- 187 bw, flowing at 175 psig on a 5/64’s. See attached for details. I will be out of town until Sunday and will update Sunday evening when I get in.


As of this morning we had made 52 bo (estimated spot check of oil cut was 40%) and 161 bw. The well is flowing with 140 psi Flowing Tubing Pressure on a 4/64” choke. Our pumper will not be at the well unitl later today so when I get that I will send it out. The estimated total for the work is +/- $22,750.

7-8-17 - Recomplete has begun of the well, to get it back producing

The rig was moved on location Sunday and has begun work on the recomplete in the BP-1. The well will be recompleted to the Martin Stray Sand at 4671-76’. See attached state permit and schematic for your records. We should be perforating Tuesday morning.




Current Well Status: The BP-1 was recompleted to perforations 5566-72’ & 5544-50” on March 30, 2017. The BP-1 well produced for a few days at 35-50 bod then quickly fell off to 4-5 bod. The well last produced on June 30th after producing about 464 bo. Various unsuccessful attempts were made to get the well pumping again in July. The well is currently shut-in and is considered non-economic.

Discussion: The BP-1 recompletion came in at +/- 50 bod but water quickly increased and the oil went down to 4-6 bod. Costs to attempt to squeeze the water production off with cement and then re-perforate was analyzed. The basic concern is that we do not know for certain if the water is extraneous coming from above or below us in the wellbore. Our cement bond log looks good. This log is used to determine that we have a seal along the outside of the casing from this happening. The other scenario is that the water is coming from one or both sets of perforations. Again no way to determine this as the well is not flowing on its own which would enable us to run production logs and make this determination. Based on the previous performance of the well, it was concluded to not spend another $50-75,000 to attempt to try to block water without knowing if the zone is depleted. There are ways to do this with a Pulsed Neutron Log that can be run in casing but again the small amount of actual recoverable reserves could not be justified for this purpose.

Recommendation: We have about $20,000 left in the original AFE. Plans are to mobilize a rig the week of July 31, pull the rods and tubing and go in with wireline and check for fill. If we are open below our next interval from 4671-76’ we will set a Cast Iron Bridge Plug (CIBP) at +/- 4682’ (isolating our lower perforations) and perforate the interval 4671-76’ in what is called the Patin Stray. The tubing and rods will be run back in the hole and the well put on test. Should the well need to be gravel packed, additional funds will be cash called.

Should there be any questions, please feel free to email or call. I will be on vacation next week and the workover will take place as soon as I get Back in during the week of July 31..




This will go out next week once I get information back from our geologist.

Proposed Well Work Plan

Phase I

1. Pull rods and tubing

2. Rig Up Wireline and check for fill

3. If yes clean out to bottom set CIBP

at+/- 5560. Rerun tbg & rods & test.

Phase II

If no fill. Set CIBP at +/- 4680 and perforate

the next zone of interest from 4671-467?.

The BP-1 stop producing late last week. We left the well shut-in in an attempt to get the well going again. We attempted to pump the well but it is pumping off, meaning the fluid is below the pump. This indicates the fluid is not coming up and probably tells us the perforations are plugged off. We have about +/- $19,000 left in the original AFE. Next week plans are to mobilize a rig on Wednesday or Thursday and pull the rods and tubing and go in with wireline and check for fill. See attached for proposed procedure.


Well maintain 5 bod & +/- 208 bwd.  We are working on a squeeze procedure to attempt to shut off the water and increase the oil production.  Should be ready to go our week of April 24th.  For the mean time we will continue to pump the well.


Godt nyt, der kommer olie op af kilden!

The RJC #1 made 2 bo/208 bw on Saturday and 4 bo/208 bo on Sunday. This is encouraging news. The current plan based on these results, is to continue pumping the well in hopes the oil production will continue to increase. We are also working on a procedure to try and shut off the water production if need be.

Our current thought process based on well performance is that most or all of the water is extraneous water production not from our current set of perforations. Again, this can occur from not getting a good primary cement placement along the backside of the casing after the it is run in the hole following the drilling of the well. There are other possibilities but this is the most likely. If the oil continues to increase and become economic we can continue to pump the well. If the oil does not come up enough then a decision will be made to attempt to remedy by pumping more cement into the casing annulus and attempt to shut off the water. Or recomplete and come to our next zone of interest.

We will send out daily well tests as this process continues.



The news today is very difficult to send out, but the well is making 100% water. How this is possible after a good initial test is speculative at best. Did the cement protecting our zones develop cross flow we do not know. However, the well has produced like this in the past but in the last completion the oil went down over time and we were still making 1-2 bod when we recompleted. Below are the well tests since recompletion. We are now pumping the well. We will continue to pump the well for a week or two and then make decisions accordingly.

Day 1. 5 bo & 50 bw

Day 2. 15 bo & 98 bw

Day 3. 56 bo & 0 bw

Day 4. 20 bo & 0 bw

Day 5. 30 bo & 75 bw

Day 6. 0 bo & 160 bw

Total 126 bo & 383 bw


-sidste rapport kl.18.55

I just talked with the field and the RJC #1 well made 30 bo and an estimated +/- 50 bbls of water yesterday. The pumper indicated that we had not gotten back the total annulus volume of +/- 81 bbis and that this could be load water(water we used to complete the well) and not formation water. Not certain at this point. We will take a water sample test and try and verify if it is load water or formation water.

I will try to get another gauge run in the PM. Normally we run one (1) gauge report a day.




Note the well is making water and oil. 30 bo & 120 bwd. So it does not look as great as Friday and Saturday.


We made 56 bo yesterday. We will check it this afternoon and cut it back to +/- 50 bod. We are not gravel packed and do not want to pull the well to hard. We are making some gas and no water.

Here We Go!


The well made 5 bo last night. The fluid was at the surface this morning. It appears to be mostly oil. We are opening the well choke from a 9/64” to 10/64” (similar t opening your garden hose to get more water out) choke. The well is flowing on the casing side with +/- 90 psig. Once we get most of the gas out of the system, we will begin producing more fluid.

The pumper will be back out this afternoon and I will send a PM report. Along with weekend reports.





sidste nyt fra Shelf

The RJC #1 was shut-in last night around 7:00pm. It was turned back on this morning at 4:00am. We had +/- 400 psig on casing and 60 psig on the tubing. The well was turned back to the tanks and is continuing to unload completion fluid, oil and gas.

A well report will be sent out this afternoon along with the final report.


- Besked fra Tom hos Shelf Energy

I just checked on the well and the well is moving fluid to the tanks. We are getting back oil, water and gas. We will have a metered test in the morning.


- Vi har modtaget flere billeder + video udefra området.


- Rig and wireline truck on right


- Re-Complete has started

The C&S Rig 6 has moved on location. We are pulling the rods and tubing. On Tuesday the Cast Iron Bridge Plug will be set at +/- 5578’. And the 1st set of perforations from 5566-72 will be perforated with a casing gun on Tuesday morning.


- modtaget fredag aften kl. 22.23

Shelf has two interested parties that will pick up the remaining interest. We plan to have the rig on the well by March 27th. In light of this all reply’s to participate in picking up interest will need to be in by close of business by email Friday, March 17, 2017




The Robert J. Campbell has reached its economic limit at 2-3 bod. To maintain the lease it will be necessary to perform a recomplete. It is recommended that a Cast Iron Bridge Plug (CIBP) be set at 5690’ to isolate the existing perforations. The well will then be perforated and tested from 5544-50’ & 5566-72’ (see attached log section). The well will not be initially gravel packed pending results and the need to control sand. The cost of this work is estimated to be $50,000 (per the attached AFE).

This work is necessary to maintain the lease and your approval is needed. Although you have 30 days for approval, Shelf would like to do this work as soon as possible. So your approval is needed and Cash Monies as soon as possible.

I will be sending out individual AFE’s later this week but wanted to give you a heads up. Should you need a write-off for 2016 your check will need to be dated at least by 12/31/2016. I will be sending out the exact costs as soon as I hear from you.

Please see the 2 documents below.






Robert J. Campbell #1 – 3-5 bod. The RJC #1 is in a holding pattern to perform a recomplete in the well. This AFE will go out probably next week for approval. The work will wait on oil prices to stabilize at +/- $60.


Robert J. Campbell #1 – 4-5 bod. The Campbell well has recomplete potential. Plans are to do the work when oil is in the $50-$60 range. The plan at the moment is keep the well economic until oil prices go up. We need to maintain production on this well to keep the lease active.


  • The pumper/gauge charges have been reduced from $900 to $750/month.
  • Chemical costs have dropped by +/- 40% since the change from Baker to Green hem. There are minimal chemicals being used on the Campbell well but the Moresi #3 SWD uses chemical so the costs will be marginally lower.


Future Work: The R.J. Campbell #1 is marginally economic at 5-6 bod. Oil prices are moving upward and are in the mid-forties range. As prices move another $5-10 the recomplete will be performed in the well. In this completion we will co-mingling two sands. The AFE (Capital Authority for Expenditure) will be sent out in the next few weeks. Perhaps planning for the work sometime in July-August if prices continue moving in the positive direction.


Robert J. Campbell #1 – The lowering of the pump did not help our production. An AFE is being prepared to recomplete up the hole. Once oil reaches +/- $55/bo the AFE will be sent out for approval. Otherwise, plan is to monitor production and maximize oil production if possible.


Kilden ligger med en daglig produktion op 7-9 tønder råolie, nogle dage stiger den til +20 tønder om dagen, operatøren holder øje kildens udvikling hen over den kommende tid for at se hvor vi lander.


A rig was mobilized on 3/29/16 to inspect and lower the pump. The pump was lowered about 870’ in an effort to increase oil production. The well was turned back to production the same day. The well lost power on 3/31/16.

The cumulative cost to date is $ +/- 10,615.


Robert J. Campbell #1 – 5-6 bod. 67% pump efficiency as of January 22, 2016 testing. Should be 80–90%. Room for improvement to +/- 15 bod.

With oil prices beginning to increase and workover rig costs dropping now is a good time for us to move a rig into the field. We will have multiple wells to work on. Our pump is needing to be lowered to improve pump efficiency. We will need to add some tubing, rods and redress the pump and accessories. Estimated job time is 2 days. A rig can be available sometime next week. Estimated costs are $15-18 k dollars. Anticipated rate is +/- 15bod

There are still funds in the Current Completion of about $33k. If you are paid up there will be no AFE money needed.



BP#1- Update Letter - from Tom.03082015


Kilden har stabiliseret sig med en daglig produktion på 40 tønder råolie.


Kilden er igen i produktion fra vores nye zone, den daglige produktion ligger på ca. 100 tønder råolie, dette forventes dog at falde lidt når kilden har produceret 1 - 2 uger, og trykket falder til normal niveau.


Operatøren har meddelt, at man stadig arbejder på at stabilisere vores produktion fra JOKER-zonen, som vi indtil nu har produceret fra, man planlægger at sætte en timer på vores pumpjack, så den ikke kører hele tiden. Dette skal gøres for at se, om vi ikke kan øge vores olie-cut.


Operatøren har meddelt at workover riggen er ude ved kilden og udfører det nødvendige arbejde, man forventer at kilden igen er i produktion på mandag. Mere nyt følger så snart vi modtager dette fra operatøren.


Operatøren har meddelt, at man forventer en workover rig ude på området her onsdag, så kilden kan blive renset og sat på produktion igen.


Produktionen har stabiliseret sig og vi har en daglig produktion på omkring 70 tønder råolie, og et stabilt tryk i kilden på 900 Psi.


Ekstra rapport kilden er nu oppe på en produktion på 109 tønder råolie og 2 tønder vand i døgnet og trykket er på 1000 Psi.


Operatøren har meddelt at kilden nu kun producerer 100% råolie og intet vand, produktionen ligger på +/- 75 tønder om dagen, så det ser meget positivt ud p.t.


BP#1 kilden er igen i produktion efter Re-completion af den nye zone, daglig produktion 50 tønder råolie.



- Forslag til Recompletion af kilden, læs PDF nedenunder.



Operatøren har udført arbejde på kilden, for at få produktionen i gang igen. Dog uden det store resultat, man undre sig over at kilden ikke producerer i og med man både har haft pumperørene oppe fra pump jacken, samt renset vores down hole pumpe, på dette tidspunkt havde kilden en daglig produktion 5-7 tønder. Så dette arbejde burde have forbedret produktionen, man som det er lige nu og her kommer der ingen olie op, operatøren tjekker op på kilden dagligt for at finde ud af hvad der evt. kan drille.

Hvis den ikke snart begynder at producerer igen, så kan man være nødsaget til at lave et Re-complete af kilden, hvor man går ned og bore igen for at åbne vores formation op, bliver dette aktuelt vil alle medejer få besked, da operatøren i dette tilfælde vil lave et CashCall. De kan se dagens rapport for arbejdet med kilden, nedenunder.

Work report BP#1 well (Cambell#1) 9-12-14


-BP#1 - Vi har modtaget billede af pumpjacken på kilden, der produceres ca. 20 tønder råolie om dagen.

2014-08-25 13.18.17


Produktionsrapport for juni måned fra operatøren, klik på linket nedenunder.



Det sidste der mangler nu, er at firmaet der skal koble strøm til pump jacken kommer ud på området, dette skulle ske en af de nærmeste dage, hvorefter kilden vil blive sat i produktion igen.


Operatøren Shelf Energy LLC, har meddelt at man forventer at sætte kilden i produktion, i den kommende weekend.


Workover riggen er kommet ud på området, og man begynder nu arbejdet med at få renset kilden, hvorefter man vil teste produktionen og forberede den til at få monteret en pumpjack, arbejdet burde tage mellem 4-5 dage.


Operatøren Shelf Energy LLC, har meddelt at man er i gang med opsætningen af vores pumpjack, samt rensning af kilden. Man forventer at genoptage produktionen igen d. 19 maj 2014.


Operatøren har meddelt , at man forventer at få leveret vores nye pumpjack til kilden d. 6 maj 2014, workover riggen der skal lave arbejdet kommer ud på området og gør klar d. 5 maj. Så burde vi indenfor kort tid have en vel producerende olie kilde igen.


Operatøren har meddelt at man har bestilt en workover rig, som skal opsætte vores pumpkjack på kilden, dette arbejde forventes udført inden ca. 10 dage. Hvor efter vi gerne skulle få en normal og stabil olie produktion.


Produktionen d. 26 marts var på 44 tønder råolie og 67 tønder vand, så vi ligger på et fint olie/vand cut på denne kilde. Se produktionen for resten af marts, klik på linket nedenunder.



Operatøren har meddelt os, at man har perforeret vores formation mellem 5918-40 fod (1972 - 1980 meter), med succes og at olien p.t. flyder over i tankene, produktionen ligger på ca. 60 tønder råolie om dagen og en lille smule gas, som man forventer vil aftage indenfor kort tid, så vi kun har olien produktionen tilbage. Denne ser ud til ikke at indhold særligt meget vand, hvilket er positivt.


Operatøren har meddelt os, at men med succes har åbnet vores nye zone. Man vil nu hen over weekenden rense brønden og sørge for at både olie og gassen kan løbe frit gennem vores produktionsrør, mere nyt i starten af næste uge.


Så har vi lavet vores cement prop over vores joker zone, planen er at man i dag vil tjekke om cementen er tørret, og at proppen er tæt. Hvis alt er som det skal være, så vil operatøren perforer vores første primære zone. Vi afventer mere nyt i morgen onsdag d. 5-3-14.


Så har vi modtaget, nyt overfra operatøren vedr. vores forsøg på at genåbne vores joker zone i denne kilde. Man har besluttet at indsætte en prop og gå op til vores første primære zone mellem 5987-5999 fod, for at få sat gang i olie produktionen, så kilden kan begynde at tjene penge her i marts måned. Se rapporten nedenunder.

Sidste nyt fra BP#1 projektet, vi gør klar til at forlade vores Joker zone.


BP#1- nyhed om det arbejde, der skal laves i denne uge fra operatøren.


Sidste nyt over fra operatøren, man planlægger at forlade vores joker zone, da man har lidt problemer med at få denne formation til at flyde igen, og man ønsker ikke at bruge en masse penge på den, når vi har en olie der kan produceres fra vores primære zoner. De kan læse beskeden fra operatøren ved at klikke på linket nedenunder.

Sidste nyt fra BP#1 kilden og vores test zone.


Sidste nyt over fra kilden, er at man stadig arbejder med at for etableret produktionen på kilden, efter man har udført arbejde i brøden. De kan læse sidste besked fra Tom hos Shelf Energy LLC, ved at klikke her.


Lidt mere information vedr. kilden modtaget sent mandag aften, er på engelsk.

We flowed the Campbell #1 to our facility but the pressure quickly bled down. Attempts were made to swab the well in but the well is apparently not feeding in. Perhaps when we pumped hot oil into the well be plugged off some perforations or we may have some fill.

We will let the well stay shut in overnight and then attempt to flow it to the facility on Tuesday. If we are not successful we will more than likely shut the well in until Thursday due to the freezing weather and not being able to move equipment on the highways.

On Thursday if the well is still not flowing we will get slick line out to run in the hole and tag bottom and see if our perforations are open and determine what to do from there.




Så har vi modtaget en rapport fra operatøren omkring den Case Hole Log, som man har fået lavet på kilden, De kan læse nærmere i rapporterne nedenunder.

RJ Campbell III, et al #1 - Case Hole Log Run_27-1-14




-BP#1 kilden - Installation af vores Flow Line + Cased Hole Log

Operatøren Shelf Energy, har meddelt at man stadig er i gang med at grave vores flowline ned, arbejdet er blevet en smule forsinket grundet regn og kold fronter, som har været i området den seneste tid. Man forventer at gøre arbejdet færdigt i denne uge og at produktionen startes op i løbet af den kommende weekend.

Operatøren har besluttet at vi skal fortage en såkaldt Cased Hole Log , dvs. en scanning af vores sandlag, der ligger dyber end de ca. 6000 fod, vi skal påbegynde produktion fra. Grunden til dette er at man vil sikre sig, om der evt. kunne ligge nogle sandlag, der kunne vise sig at være mulige produktive zoner som vi kan gå tilbage til senere i kildens levetid. Dette arbejde komme ikke til at forsinke processen med at kobling kilden, og opstarte af produktionen, arbejdet forventes udført d. 23-1-14.

Vi har samtidigt modtaget nogle billeder over fra kilden.

october 2013 009January 2014 042January 2014 041January 2014 040october 2013 006october 2013 004


-BP#1 kilden - Installation af vores Flow Line

Operatøren Shelf Energy, har meddelt at man p.t. er i gang med at grave vores Flow Line ned, før dette kan gøres skal vi have lagt et stenlag ud over hele området, dette er for at undgå at hele området bliver til en stor mudderpøl hver gang det regner. Sådan at afhentning af olie fra tankene kan ske uden forsinkelser, samt evt. andre tunge køretøjer kan komme ind på området selv om der skulle kommer megen nedbør.

Der er kommet en del regn under arbejdet, hvilket betyder at området skal have lov til at blive tør, inden man påbegynder nedgravningen af vores Flow Line.

Operatøren forventer at dette vil tage et par dage, hvorefter man genoptager arbejdet, så vi hurtigst muligt kan påbegynde vores produktion af råolie.

Mere nyt følger, så snart vi modtager disse fra operatøren..


BP#1 kilden - Start/Test produktion 75 tønder pr. dag.

Operatøren Shelf Energy, har meddelt at man p.t. er i gang med at grave vores Flow Line ned, som skal løbe fra kilden og over til behandlingsanlægget. Sådan som det ser ud lige nu, så forventer man at kunne åbne op for kilden og starte produktion senest den. 15 januar 2014.


BP#1 - Kilden producerer olie -Daglig start produktion i vores første åbne zone ligger på 75 tønder dagligt.


Vi har modtaget denne besked fra operatøren på BP#1 kilden, de skal i dag have lavet den sidste scanning af cementen nede i kilden, for at finde ud af hvor man helt nøjagtigt skal perforer vores zoner. Man forventer at boreriggen som skal lave dette arbejde vil være ude på området på mandag d. 16-12-13, når man har gennemgået alle data sammen, så vil man gøre klar til at åbne vores formationer.

Herefter vil man gøre klar til at lægge vores transportslange ned i jorden, da denne skal gå fra kilden og over til selve behandlingsanlægget ude på området. Man forventer at vi vil have en producerende kilde i starten af 2014 eller før.


Vi har 60 meter af payzone(zoner med olie) i vores Kilde, sikke et godt resultat. Shelf Energy er nu klar til at perforerer vores formationer, vi forventer, at man vil begynde produktionen start januar 2014.

Endnu en gang tillykke til alle medejere, altid rart at få en tidlig jule gave.


Vi har i dag modtaget besked fra operatøren om at man har installeret vores produktionsrør i kilden hele vejen ned til 6040 fod, røret er blevet cementeret fast, og man skal nu lave en scanning af cementen hele vejen ned for at sikre sig at den er tæt. Riggen er nu ved at blive pillet ned, når den er fjernet og man har fået bekræftet at cementen er tæt så vil kilden blive gjort klar til perforering og endelig produktion.


Kilden bliver gjort klar til endelig produktion....: ) se billeder udefra området nedenunder.

NOV 2013 022NOV 2013 015NOV 2013 014NOV 2013 011NOV 2013 010


Vi er nået til vores mål dybde på 6074 fod (2024 meter), og vi har ramt den forventet sektion med salt, som er meget afgørende da det er her vi gerne skulle finde råolie. Man er nu i gang med at trække borerøret op af brønden, man skal herefter skylde kilden igennem for at rense den. Når dette arbejde er udført så gør man klar til at tage de Core samples(jordprøver) af vores formationer, som skal vise hvor råolie befinder sig.

Dette komme til at forgå både i dag og i morgen, hvorefter prøverne sendes til et laboratorium for at blive analyseret, vi forventer at få besked inden ugen er omme, og ud fra resultatet beslutter man om kilden skal færdiggøres til produktion.


Tom fra Shelf Energy har meddelt os, at Guichard Drilling Company er nået til 5282 fod (1760 meter). Man er i gang med at skifte borehovedet ud med et nyt, man forventer at kunne genoptage arbejdet igen kl. 06.00 lokal tid i dag.


Vi har modtaget dokumenter vedr. tilladelsen til at bore BP#1 kilden, De læse dokumenterne nedenunder.

Drilling_Permit_BP#1_Well (2)

Drilling_Permit_BP#1_Well instruction


Tom fra Shelf Energy har meddelt os, at Guichard Drilling Company er på vej ud til BP#1 kilden. De forventer at kunne påbegynde boring af kilden medio næste uge.


Operatøren har meddelt os at området nu er klar til at Guichard drilling kan komme ind på området og bore den vanddeponerings kilde, som skal bruges i forbindelse med produktionen af BP#1 kilden.


Så har vi modtaget de første billeder udefra området, hvor BP#1 kilden skal bores, man er ved at gøre området klar til alle de store maskiner der skal sættes op såsom boreriggen m.m.

Shelf Energy, forventer at man kan påbegynde boringen af kilden medio/ultimo november måned 2013.

october 2013 009october 2013 006october 2013 004october 2013 002

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Shelf Energy LLC

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Long: 30.25315368
Lat: 91.94246722


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