News about Bergeron#1 - Last updated April 23, 2019


The Bergeron #1 natural gas engine has long been overdue for replacement. The engine finally failed on April 13. The Natural gas engine will be replaced with an electric motor. The 480 volt system will be installed by Entergy for +/- $8.000 on April 30. I am waiting on the electric motor and installation costs from All Phase electrical. The motor will be installed prior to the electrical work so the well should return to production on +/- May 1.

The well averages 15-18 bod.


The BERGERON # 1 well, has a daily production of 35-39 barrels of oil, looking strong at this point.


Attached is the estimated cost to date of +/- $61,367 for the current well work on the Moresi #3 SWD. The well will be injection tested and verified by a state representative on Thursday. Once that is successfully done the well will be turned back to injection.

Further Discussion: With the state approving the increase in injection zone interval from 3000’-3900’ to 1560’-3900’ helped us in a number of ways. (1) It enables us to actually use the hole at 2990’ as if it was a perforated interval, instead of having to isolate it with another cement squeeze and spend another +/- $40,000 to re-squeeze the hole in the casing. (2) We increased our approved injection interval opening up more sands to plug back to in the future with a quick recomplete permit and no lengthy approval process. (3) We will reduce monthly chemical fees for money spent on an acid treatment to keep injection pressures down. Prior to the workover we were injecting +/- 1000 bwd at +/- 650 psig injection pressure. The maximum pressure we could reach was 825 psig. So it was only a matter of time before we would have had to move up the hole. Our injection test at 1800 bwd was at 10 psig injection pressure. Barely any pressure at all and lots of room for increase in water injection volumes. Our well should be set to continue to take as much water as we can produce with no problem.

As soon as we get final approval to inject you will be notified.




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