Latest investor trip in March 2019

Approx. a month ago we had our last investor trip to Texas to see investors' oil wells. Everyone had a fantastic trip, both those from Europe and the US enjoyed the trip, and all the information they got about extracting oil and natural gas from the underground and how much work actually goes into making a well and keeping it up to date so that you have the most stable production and thus achieve maximum yield for all investors.
You can see some pictures and video and get a feel for all the exciting things investors get to see out on location by the wells.
See pictures and video below...

Oil tanks - Ritchie Lease


Lounch time at a really nice local Mexican place...good food & Beer...:)

Ritchie#1 well

So if you want to TEAM UP with a management & Company that is not just behind a DESK, but goes out into the field with investors to see first hand whats going on and how things work, we just might be the perfect place for you to invest your hard earned money.
If you want to join the investment team...Get in touch...