G&F Oil inc. – Ritchie projects – status -updated

February 13, 2020: G&F Oil inc. – Ritchie projects – status -updated


We need to help G&F Oil inc. by completing the JOAs (Joint Operating Agreements) that all investors must approve and sign, Which we have said yes to, we expect everyone is done at the end of this week, when this is ready everyone will be advised via email, here in it will be clear what needs to be done on the part of the investor.


Feb 13th - 2020

Jann has had the flu for 5 days so we don’t have the AFE write up, JOA’s or assignments ready to send to you. I did talk to the previous operator(John Rainwater). He said he met you in Graham when y’all visited. He had the old pay decks for the Ritchie #1 and Ritchie Waterflood. This is huge help for us as Wayne could not find any of the paperwork. It appears the NRI’s are in the 76-77 range. I am having this double-checked but I imagine this is going to be correct. I will try to get you the paperwork as soon as possible as I know you need that to get your investors to put up the money and I need the money before I start the reworks.

Feb 5th - 2020

To all investors

G&F Oil, expects to be able to send us the necessary documents next week. i.e. new operator agreement, renovation budget etc.

As soon as we have these ready, we will send an email to everyone with a guide on what to do on your part.