Business partners

Business partners

Texas Shallow Oil & Gas LLC,

Was established in August of 2014 in Graham, Texas. Our area of expertise is in the exploration and drilling of leases in northern Young County (Texas). Our focus area is the Gun Sight Oil Sands formation that runs throughout most of northern Young County. This area is capable of increased oil production through the utilization of water flooding.

Texas Shallow Oil and Gas is bonded, licensed and insured to operate for non-operators. Currently we are in the process of leasing and re-entering orphan wells to turn a profit. We oversee all field work, drilling, completions and fully equip all wells.

​Texas Shallow Oil & Gas is an experienced owner operator. What that means for you is there is only one company you deal with from start to finish.

​Since we are an operator, we handle every aspect of drilling, production, operations, and maintenance. Which means all you do is relax & receive monthly revenue.

Shelf Energy LLC

Was founded in 2007 with the purpose of identifying good quality, low-risk oil and gas projects. Shelf Energy is comprised of a group of experienced professionals with disciplines in geology, geophysics, engineering, drilling, land, acquisitions, completions and production throughout South Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Shelf Energy explores, develops and redevelops properties in South Louisiana and the Central Gulf of Mexico where the team has found substantial reserves that continue to bring opportunities for developing oil and gas investment opportunities.  

Shelf Energy website »

G&F OIL, inc.

Who We Are:
Established in 1982, G & F Oil, Inc., is a small independent oil and gas operator engaged in exploration and production, an E & P company. We are currently operating 94 oil and gas wells all in Texas. All our wells are basically in a triangle from Fort Worth to Wichita Falls to Abilene and back.

Purchase Of Existing Production:

In addition to E & P, G & F Oil, Inc., is engaged in buying and selling leases along with buying and selling production. A company should always give a long look at any deal in our industry. If it is solid and makes sense for an investment group we pursue it.

Environmental Impact Statement:

G & F Oil, Inc., has an excellent safety and environmental record. Those areas of the business are a must and cannot be taken lightly. Whenever we drill, complete and operate a well we put safety first and we put provisions in to protect all parts of the environment.

G&F Oil website »

BASA Resources inc.

Is a private corporation founded in early 1989 by Michael N. Foster, Jr. and Lary D. Knowlton. The Dallas based company, with monthly production of approximately 375,000 BOE, ranks as the 23rd largest private producer of liquid hydrocarbons in the United states and among the top 20 of the more than 8,400 producers of oil in the state of Texas. BASA is one of the fastest growing oil companies in Texas, owing its 20% average annual growth in production since 1997 to its aggressive acquisition strategy. The company currently owns and operates approximately 3,400 wells located in 2 states across more than 100 different fields.

The firm’s primary strategic focus since inception has been the acquisition and development of proven producing properties. BASA’s corporate strategy targets the exploitation of mature properties divested by large oil and gas firms, concentrating on contrarian and niche oil and gas plays. Saddled by higher production expenses, large publicly held companies have turned to the divestment of domestic oil and gas assets as a source of capital to fund more capital intensive international and offshore programs. Prospective acquisition candidates for BASA are characterized by predictable decline curves, demonstrated stability in production, extended economic life, and recognizable upside potential. All of these factors combined with BASA’s lean management and operations structure contribute to the achievement of superior risk adjusted returns. BASA, as a lean private operator, does not carry the elevated overhead of larger oil and gas companies, thus lower development and per barrel lifting costs allow BASA to realize profitability from wells that have fallen out of favor with their current owners. The simple transfer of property ownership to BASA’s cost effective management and operations model has commonly resulted in a 20% to 40% reduction in the operations expense attributable to the assets.

BASA specializes in the recovery of oil and gas reserves from mature wells that require the use of special techniques known as secondary and tertiary recovery. These methods require a broad understanding of engineering, oil field mechanics, and reservoir manipulation. Increased and sustained production are most often achieved through a combination of these components. The firm’s employee base has over 2.5 million man hours employed in this area of the oil field and an average of over 20 years of oil and gas experience per employee. A unique characteristic of the firm’s personnel is that many of the field employees have been working on the same field for the majority of their careers and came to work for BASA when the properties were acquired. Basa Resources website »

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