Invest in oil and gas wells in the United States - a goverment-controlled investment


Revenue from our projects are paid each month, giving our investors a return cash flow on there investment every month

The IEA predicts

that oil consumption alone for the transport sector will increase by 25% by 2035, which means that 6 out of 10 barrels of crude oil will be consumed by the transport sector alone


Invest in oil and gas wells in the United States - a government-controlled investment

Opec and IEA warn

Low oil prices may end up in chaos, the low oil prices may have a shorter life span than many people expect.


Our main goal is to give our investors a good and sound investment opportunity in an industry that is known to generate a monthly income for those who invest, but at the same time making sure its done with a minimum of risk, to investors hard earned money. To sum it up...

If you are looking for an alternative way to invest in oil and gas, then we have the opportunity for you, our concept is built in such a way that you also have the opportunity to enter into an investment opportunity that is usually only for large investment firms and oil companies.

Namely, the possibility of being able to participate in the first stage when it comes to making money from oil and natural gas. Our business model offers small investors the opportunity, to invest in the projects we build and buy with our small, independent US operators.

An investment with us starts from approx. $ 5000, - for 1% Ownership of the project. We always offer / buy projects with active production or the possibility of relatively easily restoring production via easy work over of wells and equipment out in the field.

So if you are thinking about investing differently than all those who buy shares in the energy companies and would like to be close to your investment, then our model may be something you should consider.

We have made these types of projects since 2012 and today we have investors from large parts of the world, USA, Europe etc.

Common to them all is that they want to invest in the energy sector while being directly co-owners of the things they invest in. They are happy to receive their monthly dividends from their projects.

keep in mind that with us you are not jointly and severally liable for the other investors, but only responsible for your own percentage ownership.

Our main areas of operation are in Texas and Louisiana.

If you would like to know more about these opportunities to participate in our projects or need further information on our company or business model, please contact us.